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Post by Rubens on Sat Dec 26, 2015 9:31 am

Heya guys, today i'm gonna show you this mod created by EpicMickeyBr, an expert when the subject is Little Fighter 2 and a good friend! This mod is still under development and he already did 2 versions from this game: The Alpha Demo and a Special Christmas Demo!

Here is a video showing the Alpha Demo:

and here is one showing the Special Christmas Demo!

Here is the download links:
Alpha Demo:!iZ5RQapR!6J3IoTJUFl7jZIsjBm0qw0pJIs7Zlr89AMGtEazPjZE

Special Christmas Demo:!edhwkajZ!uxoOrnrdBs68ghEdw_ceYHep6RrD7q7KEyQI_m0y7wA

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